0. Set of symbols
1. Alphabet
2. Deduction system
3. Theory
4. Zermelo-Fraenkel set theory
5. Set
6. Subset
7. Power set
8. Hyperpower set sequence
9. Hyperpower set
10. Hypersubset
11. Subset algebra
12. Subset structure
13. Measurable space
14. Measure space
Probability space
Formulation 0
A D5107: Triple $P = (X, \mathcal{F}, \mu)$ is a probability space if and only if
(1) $M = (X, \mathcal{F})$ is a D1108: Measurable space
(2) $\mu$ is a D198: Probability measure on $M$
Also known as
Stochastic space, Probability calculus
Child definitions
» D1716: Event
» D1720: Independent event collection
» D1673: Sample space
» R1338: Probabilistic Borel-Cantelli lemma
» R2060: Probability of set difference
» R3719: Probability of complement event
» R4073: Probability of union with impossible event
» R4278: Expression for probability of event in terms of complement event
» R4559: Probability of complement of an almost sure event
» R4560: Probability of complement of a null event